Leading Perspectives: Q&A With Ross & Baruzzini Indianapolis Office Director

Since taking the helm of our Indianapolis office in 2019, Brian Grimes, P.E, has continued to drive a client-centric philosophy, strengthen business operations, and manage multi-million dollar deals. 

Brian’s engineering background spans 20 years, with responsibilities including design, project management, construction, commissioning, and technical oversight.

When you started at Ross & Baruzzini Indianapolis, what were your goals? 

My goals were centered on two main points – expanding our project portfolio, specifically high performance buildings, and developing new relationships across different market sectors throughout Indiana. 

What kinds of projects is the Indy team working on?

Our primary focus right now is Higher Education with a mix of K-12, healthcare, government, and industrial projects. 

How does the Ross & Baruzzini approach facilitate success across this range of project types?  

The key is teamwork. By collaborating and sharing technical expertise across all our offices across the country, we can execute projects that would normally be out of reach for most engineering companies. 

In your time with Ross & Baruzzini what has been your favorite project so far and why?

The INFOSYS LEED Platinum project is one of my favorite projects so far. It is a large, multi-building project with the potential for design and construction of several more buildings over the next decade.

Another top choice is the Indiana University School of Medicine project. This is a large project in downtown Indianapolis with the potential to be a spotlight project for many years to come.

Looking ahead, where would you like to see the Indy office in the next five years?

I am working towards growing and diversifying our client list while continuing to provide excellent engineering solutions to current partners. 

Describe Ross & Baruzzini in five words.

Diligent. Flexible. Intelligent. Committed. Resourceful.

Celebrating the Women of Ross & Baruzzini: Government & Accounting

The women of our Government and Accounting teams are skilled pros at leading teams, managing deadlines, and keeping projects on track for success. Read what motivates these teams in the series finale of the Women of R&B:

Cassie Thiele    

Role: Senior Project Coordinator

Location: St. Louis Office

Cassie Thiele is a Senior Project Coordinator in our Government Market. She has been with the firm for over 9 years and is a great team player!

Alicia Smith, MBA

Role: Senior Project Accountant

Location: Houston office

Alicia Smith is a Senior Accountant in our Accounting department supporting our Medical Equipment Planning team. Alicia recently earned her MBA!

Tonya Gammon

Role: Senior Project Accountant

Location: St. Louis Office

Tonya Gammon is a Senior Project Accountant with an impeccable attention to detail.

Brandi Frierdich 

Role: Senior Project Accountant

Location: St. Louis

Brandi Frierdich as a Senior Project Accountant with our Accounting team. Brandi is detail orientated and a pleasure to work with.

Samantha Caselton    

Role: Project Accountant

Location: St. Louis

Samantha Caselton is a Project Accountant in our Project Accounting team. She enjoys the high level of detail her role requires, as well as working with project managers and clients to ensure each part of the project financials are correct. 

Her favorite hobbies include spending time with friends and family, boating, concerts, traveling to new places, and reading. Her top bucket list goal is to visit Greece. 

Mary Grib  

Role: Senior Electrical Engineer

Location: St. Louis

Mary Grib is a Senior Electrical Engineer with our Government Market. She enjoys working with a team to achieve a successful project. Mary says, “that team includes my amazing co-workers who I have been so lucky to work with for all of these years and talented teaming partners and clients. It sounds cliché, but it truly is the people who make the difference.” Her work is inspired by her mentors: Jim, Harry, Maurice, Carl, Bill, Mike, Scott, and Gary.

Outside of work, she is most proud of her teenage daughter and says “being her Mom is the most incredible gift of my life.” Mary loves watching her daughter play beach volleyball across the country. Her bucket list goals are to travel to each state in the U.S to see the sights and try new foods. In one word, she would describe herself as “well-meaning.”

Diane Reim, NCIDQ, LEED AP

Role: Senior Registered Interior Designer

Location: St. Louis

Diane Reim is a Senior Interior Designer in our Government market. She enjoys working in a collaborative, yet flexible team environment. She is a registered Interior Designer with the state of Missouri, and she is also NCIDQ and LEED-AP certified. 

She is most proud of working on amazing and diverse projects across the country. As her family has grown and changed, she is proud that she has maintained a healthy balance between work, family, faith, and friends that has led to a fulfilling life. Her work is inspired by analyzing the needs vs wants of a project; then providing a project that practically combines both. Her hobbies include spending time with family, traveling, and enjoying new experiences. Her top goals are to raise her children to become competent and confident adults. Also, she wants to travel across Europe! In one word, she describes herself as “pragmatic”.

Cindy Cates

Role: Director of Operations

Location: Atlanta Office

Cindy Cates is our Director of Operations with our Accounting Team. Cindy knows Deltek Vision inside and out!

Monica Lewis    

Role: Project Accounting Manager

Location: St. Louis

Monica Lewis leads our Project Accounting Team. Monica started her career with Ross & Baruzzini as a Project Coordinator over 16 years ago. She has grown with the organization and is a trusted partner to her internal clients.

Theresa Martin 

Role: Accounting Specialist

Location: St. Louis

Theresa Martin is a Project Accountant with our Accounting Team. She has over 20 years of experience in accounting. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and hiking.

Michelle Clemons    

Role: Senior Construction Administrator     

Location: St. Louis

Michelle Clemons is a Construction Administrator and Project Manager in our Government Market. Michelle has over 20 years of experience in the AEC industry. She is doing great work, and we are proud to have her on our team!

Celebrating the Women of Ross & Baruzzini: Business Development and Marketing

The women of our Business Development and Marketing teams continue to make their mark across a diverse range of industries. Learn what drives their passion and success:

Sherry Ingram

Role: Business Development Operations Manager

Location: St. Louis Office

Sherry Ingram is our Business Development Operations Manager. She is passionate about doing whatever it takes to help our employees and clients! Sherry came to Ross & Baruzzini as a retired grandmother who wanted to stay busy. As a lifelong learner, she enjoys working and growing with “some of the best folks around!” 

Outside of work, she is dedicated to her family. Sherry also loves the outdoors, crafting, party planning, cooking, reading, and laughing whenever possible. 

Octavia Johnson

Role: Proposal Specialist

Location: Houston Office

Octavia Johnson is a Proposal Specialist primarily supporting our Government Market. Octavia is a positive team player who always has warm words of encouragement.

Rochelle Moore

Role: Creative Manager

Location: Houston Office

Rochelle Moore is a Creative Manager with our Marketing Team supporting our creative and design initiatives. Rochelle is positive, upbeat, and a great team player.

Elizabeth Graff, LEED GA

Role: Business Development Director

Location: St. Louis Office

Elizabeth is our Business Development Director for the Midwest for Higher Education, Healthcare, and Utilities. She enjoys connecting with people and promoting our team. She is LEED GA certified, a board member for SMPS St. Louis, a member of CREW St. Louis, and SLC3. Outside of work, she is proud of her daughter, Dylan. 

Her work is inspired by her teammates, and she feels excited to represent our company. Her favorite hobbies are reading, gardening, and traveling. Her top bucket list goal is to buy an Airstream and hit the open road. In one word, she would describe herself as “energetic”. 

Jen Wanick

Role: Proposal Specialist

Location: St. Louis Office

Jen Wanick is a Proposal Specialist supporting our Healthcare, Security, and Utilities Infrastructure teams. She enjoys collaborating with different experts, building winning proposals, and working on projects for some of the world’s most notable buildings. Her work is inspired by each day’s new challenges. Each proposal brings a different set of solutions, and she loves finding ways to make our proposal process more efficient. She is proud to be part of the Ross & Baruzzini proposal team for over 20 years. 

Outside of work, she is most proud of her son, and she enjoys puzzles with her family, movies, and hanging out with friends. Her top bucket list goal is to visit Buckingham Palace. In one word, she would describe herself as “dependable”.

Shanna Evans

Role: Content Marketing Specialist

Location: St. Louis Office

Shanna Evans is our Content Marketing Specialist. She loves being creative, writing content, and learning about marketing and business trends. Outside of work, she is proud of her family and she is looking forward to getting married next year.

Her hobbies include writing, reading, photography, music, and traveling. Her top bucket list goal is to to live in another country for at least a year. In one word, she would describe herself as “reliable”.

Celebrating the Women of Ross & Baruzzini: Mobility and Security

The brilliant women of our Mobility and Security teams bring limitless intelligence and innovation to their careers. Read what inspires their ongoing success:

Kelly Sinyato 

Role: Associate Designer

Location: Hamden Office

Kelly Sinyato is an Associate Designer with our Security team and a Revit expert. She enjoys working on exciting projects with a great team. Kelly holds a certification on 3d Max software, and she is proud of achieving her professional degree. Her work is inspired by learning from top professionals and gaining more knowledge each day. 

Outside of work, she likes to hike with her husband and friends. Her top bucket list goal is to visit new places around the world. In one word, she would describe herself as a “perfectionist”.

Carrie Hawkins Charlton

Role: Project Coordinator

Location: Philadelphia Office

Carrie Hawkins Charlton is our Project Coordinator for our Philadelphia office and also provides graphic design support for the entire company. Outside of work, she is proud of watching her ten-year old son play baseball. She pushes herself out of her comfort zone to try new things like becoming an elected official, starting her own graphic design business, and traveling to new places around the world.

Delighting others inspires her work; she loves helping people solve problems. Her hobbies include traveling, watching her son play baseball, playing poker, and meeting new people. Her top bucket list goal is to swim with the great white sharks off the coast of South Africa! In one word, she describes herself as “passionate”. 

Lindsey McCarthy 

Role: Project Coordinator

Location: Hamden Office

Lindsey McCarthy is a Senior Project Coordinator who supports our Security team and does a great job keeping us organized!

Megan Huff, PfMP

Role: Vice President – Managing Principal

Location: Philadelphia Office

Megan Huff is our Vice President and Managing Principal of our Mobility Systems/Communication Division. She enjoys working with different agencies, learning how they operate, discovering their pain points, and helping them move toward their goals. She has a PfMP certification – as of March 2020 there were 864 in the world and 322 in the US. She is also a member of Chief, the private network focused on supporting women leaders.

She is proud of a part of the team that opened the first light rail (the Blue Line) in Charlotte, NC. Her work is inspired by her love of public transportation and how it impacts local communities. Outside of work, her favorite hobby is paddle boarding. Her top bucket list goal is to have a comfortable retirement down the road, preferably at a nice lake house. In one word, she describes herself as “controlling”.
 Summer Raya 

Role: Technician

Location: Hamden Office

Summer Raya is a Security Technician with our Security Division. She has a passion for drawing and creativity, which transfers well to her design skills!