Celebrating the Women of Ross & Baruzzini: Technology & Aviation

We are proud to continue our Women of Ross & Baruzzini series by highlighting our Technology & Aviation teams. These dedicated women bring their ‘A’ game to each project while creating opportunities for others to succeed. 


Sara Ann Holloman

Role: Senior Project Accountant

Location: Atlanta 

Sara Ann Holloman is a Senior Project Accountant in our Technology group. She is also a passionate member of our employee engagement team. Sara Ann is an industry veteran, with over 30 years experience in the field. Her inspiration at work comes from knowing she contributes to our company’s success. 

Fun Facts: Outside of work, Sara Ann enjoys classic films and baking cheesecakes. Her top bucket list goal is to travel more. If she had to describe herself with one phrase, it would be as a good friend. 

Samantha Glass, EIT

Role: Associate Consultant 

Location: Atlanta

Samantha Glass is an Associate Consultant with our Technology team. Problem solving is what draws Samantha to engineering; she enjoys finding solutions to ever-changing challenges. With a constant desire to learn more, Samantha holds a BSAE degree and EIT certification. 

Fun Facts: When she isn’t at work, Samantha enjoys kayaking and would like to learn how to fly a plane. In one word, she describes herself as independent.

Stephanie Anderson, CTS

Role: Associate Consultant

Location: Denver

Stephanie Anderson is an Associate Consultant with our Technology Team. She enjoys engineering because it gives her the ability to create, work with a team, and bring designs to life. Stephanie is inspired by her healthcare projects and making the best space possible for patients and staff.

She recently received her Certified Technology Specialist certification earlier this year.

Fun Facts: Stephanie loves the outdoors. Hiking, rollerblading with her dog, camping, and gardening are just a few of her hobbies. Her top bucket list goal is to visit New Zealand and see where Lord of the Rings was filmed. She would describe herself as “passionate”.

Tish Brown

Location: Denver

Role: Senior UC Consultant

Tish Brown is a Senior UC Consultant with our Technology Division. As a self-described right-brain thinker, she finds joy in working the typically left-brained world of Information Technology. Tish enjoys how IT is always changing and keeps her engaged. As a member of SCTC (Society of Communications Technology Consultants), she is part of an organization that follows a strict code of ethics. 

Fun Facts: Outside of work, Tish is proud of her family. Her favorite hobbies include reading, entertaining, sewing, and home décor. Her top bucket list goal is to travel, and she would describe herself as an optimist.

Sara Frisbie

Role: Staff Designer 

Location: Seattle

Sara Frisbee is a Staff Designer with our Technology team. She compares engineering to solving problems; she enjoys finding solutions to different challenges and situations. Knowing how things work inspires her work as well as being a woman in a male-dominated workplace. She is excited to see more women across engineering fields. 

Her career goals include earning her RCDD, FOA, and CAPM certifications. 

Fun Facts: Pre-pandemic, Sara and her husband loved to play pinball machines. Now, she enjoys playing video games at home, which she purchased her first house last year. She wants to travel more, and she might even want to try a caged shark-dive one day. How would Sara describe herself in one word? “Gnarly.”


Carolyn Hughes

Role: Project Manager

Location: St. Louis

Carolyn Hughes is a Project Manager in our Aviation Market and recently celebrated 25 years with the firm. She is also an Army veteran! When it comes to engineering, she loves learning about new technology and finding smarter ways to get the job done. Carolyn is a member of PMI, and she is proud to have been involved with a dog rescue group in Texas. She adopted three wonderful rescue dogs from this organization, and she is delighted she can provide her dogs with a loving home. 

Fun Facts: When she isn’t working, she loves finding ways to repurpose old items. Her top bucket list goal is to spend time traveling through Italy. 

Maria Chen

Role: Senior Security Tech Consultant

Location: New Jersey

Maria Chen is a Senior Security Technology Consultant with our Aviation Team providing expert consulting for some of our largest Northeastern clients.

Michele Young

Role: Principal Consultant

Location: St. Louis

Michele Young is a Principal Consultant in our Aviation Market and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. We enjoy having her on our team.

Ann Barry

Role: Principal Consultant

Location: Delaware

Ann Barry is our Security Director in our Aviation Market. She is dedicated and provides exceptional service to our clients!

Your Guide to K-12 Education Services: Technology, Consulting & Engineering

As your responsible partner, we are dedicated to finding the most innovative and appropriate solutions that improve the quality of life and provide exceptional value to teachers, staff, and students. Our experts provide strategic master planning, consulting, design, engineering, systems integration, and commissioning for a wide range of specialty disciplines for public and private institutions. 

A Focus on Long-Term Value

We understand that the challenges and vision of each school and campus is unique. Ross & Baruzzini works closely with educators, administrators, members of the community, and our design partners to meet these specific needs and create school environments that are both engaging and enduring. Our experience covers the full gamut of facility types involving renovations, new construction, energy studies and code consultation.

K-12 Education Expertise

We’re proud to serve scores of public school districts and private schools throughout the country, often working in partnership with top-tier design and construction firms. Energy efficiency, flexible space design, adoption of new technologies, and the safety and protection of students, staff, and campus visitors are increasingly critical to the foundations of our education system. 

As our experience has grown, so have our capabilities and services, which allow us to consider all of these factors in our designs, providing a full-service approach from design through construction. Our approach to each project represents a collaborative effort, combining client expectations with our knowledge of design, construction, and regulatory issues.


As student enrollment continues to rise, educational facilities are becoming increasingly competitive in their efforts to attract and retain students, faculty, and staff. Now, more than ever, campuses must be on the leading edge of technology to support new methods of learning, research, and collaboration.

Whether you are integrating new instructional technology in existing spaces, upgrading the campus communications infrastructure, or constructing new facilities, Ross & Baruzzini can help you save time and lower costs on your next project.


Our decades of experience have allowed us to work with campus planners, construction staff, and architects to carefully craft security solutions that balance the needs of public safety, premises liability, and campus vandalism issues. Understanding how various campus facilities interact with each other is key to the success of the security program, and it is common for the governing security principles to change substantially from one use area to the next.


Whether it’s a library, classroom, assembly auditorium, or science lab, Ross & Baruzzini’s MEP/FP team creates student-centered environments that are energy efficient and sustainable without compromising comfort, indoor air quality, and required temperature and humidity conditions. 

Our sustainable and energy-efficient designs start from the inception of the project and continue through the construction and final commissioning of all living systems. Whether large or small, we approach each project with the same commitment to quality design and client satisfaction.

Contact Our Our Team of Experts

Our multidisciplinary team can be a comprehensive partner for any education, laboratory, or leading technology project, bringing value and expertise to every solution.

Celebrating the Women of Ross & Baruzzini: Healthcare, Higher Education, and Human Resources

Happy Women’s History Month 2021! Every March, the United States celebrates women’s contributions to history and culture.

Our firm is dedicated to supporting the women who make Ross & Baruzzini successful. From aviation to accounting, the women across our diverse teams are extraordinary examples of talent, experience, and perseverance.

Join us as we salute trailblazers from the past while celebrating our wonderful talent. This week, we’re featuring the women of our Healthcare, Higher Education & Research, and Human Resources teams.


Tori Gillespie, P.E.

Role: Director of Operations 

Location: St. Louis

Tori Gillespie is our Director of Operations for our Healthcare Market. She is dedicated to ensuring our clients receive the best quality in our Healthcare projects. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s in Business Administration. Tori is also registered as a Mechanical Engineer in four different states.

In addition, she serves as the Chair of our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee. Outside of Ross & Baruzzini, she has served on the executive board for the National Society of Black Engineers St. Louis Gateway Alumni Chapter as the former Treasurer and the former Program Chair.

Fun Fact: She was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Award from the University of Missouri – St. Louis in 2018.

Marissa Sexton

Role: Electrical Engineer 

Location: St. Louis

Marissa Sexton is an Electrical Engineer with our Healthcare Market. She joined Ross & Baruzzini as an intern in the summer of 2017 and has grown exceptionally over the years.

She loves to take on challenges and has great leadership skills. She serves as the Co-chair for the district level of Illuminating Engineering Society.

Fun Fact: She earned an honorable mention for Eaton student lighting design competition from the 40th annual SOURCE Awards.

Sharon Albritton

Role: Senior Project Coordinator 

Location: St. Louis

Sharon Albritton is a Senior Project Coordinator with our Healthcare team. She enjoys helping others and seeing our MEP/FP groups bring projects to fruition, fitting all aspects of design together like a puzzle. She is proud that her family, friends, and colleagues can depend on her help through life’s endeavors.

Fun Facts: Always wanting to give back, Sharon plays Mrs. Clause for our annual Breakfast with Santa company event. Her top bucket list goal is to make the world a better place. She also loves to sing.

Sarah Wilson

Role: Intern

Location: St. Louis

Sarah Wilson is a Mechanical Intern with our Healthcare team. She is currently enrolled in the UMSL/Wash U Joint Engineering Program. Her eagerness to learn and can-do attitude has been a tremendous help to the team. From 2019-2020, Sarah served as the President of the Pierre Laclede Honors College Student Association.

Fun Fact: In 2017, she won a STEM Award for Mathematics from the American Association of University Women.

Higher Education & Research

Annie Smith, PE, CEM, LEED, BEMP

Role: Director of Energy Services

Location: St. Louis

Annie Smith is our Director of Energy Services. Annie began her career at Ross & Baruzzini as a Mechanical Intern in May 2011. As a Certified Energy Manager with a LEED AP BD+C accreditation, she is passionate about energy services and efficiency.

She holds a Bachelor of Science in Architectural Engineering and a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Annie was recently named to Engineered Systems magazine’s list of Top 20 to Watch: Women in HVAC and hosts our Energy Efficient Facilities during COVID-19: Webinar Series.

Fun Fact: Real estate is her second passion, and she enjoys discussing current prices, investing strategies, and financing methods.

Amy Counts, CPA

Role: Senior Project Coordinator

Location: St. Louis

Amy does a great job providing support as a Senior Project Coordinator for our Higher Education & Research team. She is a Certified Administrative Professional who enjoys following our projects from a drawing to completion. Each building’s unique design inspires her work.

Fun Facts: Amy always has great ideas for our company RBQ’s and other traditions! Outside of work, she enjoys reading and wants to travel the U.S. by RV. She is also very proud of her son, and she loves watching him grow.

Niki Partney

Role: Senior Mechanical Designer

Location: St. Louis

Niki Partney is a Mechanical Designer with our Higher Education and Research Market. Niki has been with the firm for over 27 years. Passionate about giving back, Niki spearheads our annual Poverty Lunch. She finds her work as Mechanical Designer unique, interesting, and challenging.

Fun Facts: She is most proud of her two amazing daughters, her favorite hobby is stained glass, and she would love to visit Hawaii.

Human Resources

Jessica Goeke

Role: HR Manager

Location: St. Louis

Jessica was recently promoted to HR Manager and will be leading HR initiatives.

Her passion for employee wellness and engagement is demonstrated through her PHR certification. She is inspired by the women of Ross & Baruzzini who made their way in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

Fun Facts: Outside of work, she loves to cook and read. Her top bucket list goal is to visit her ancestral home of Scotland. Jessica is also proud of her three, independent daughters.

Sarah Ontiveros, PHR

Role: HR Generalist

Location: Dallas

Sarah Ontiveros is an HR Generalist and has been with the organization for over 20 years! Sarah has earned PHR, DallasHR, and NTXSHRM certifications. She loves how data and analytics help her work smarter.

Fun Facts: At work, she is proud to be a part of our Leadership Development Program. Outside of work, she is proud her two daughters, Ryan and Kori. She is inspired by the other amazing women within Ross & Baruzzini as well as her oldest daughter, who knows what she wants in life and works hard every day to achieve her goals. Her hobbies include gardening and watching her kids play sports. Her bucket list top goals are to visit Ireland, Romania, and Dracula’s castle.