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Women of R&B

April 4, 2021

Our Women of R&B series continues with the talented women of our Indianapolis and Kansas City offices. These teams are lifelines to project success across diverse markets as they continue to build value for our clients. Learn what drives their hard and dedication:

Michelle Wehmeyer 

Role: Mechanical Engineer

Location: Kansas City Office

Michelle Wehmeyer is a Mechanical Engineer in our Kansas City office. Michelle joined us in summer of 2017 as an intern in St. Louis. She has grown with our firm over the years and relocated to our KC office. 

Jaime Abshier

Role: Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Location: Kansas City Office

Jamie Wilson is our Fire Protection Engineer in our Kansas City office. She is a licensed Fire Protection Engineer, and we are proud to have her on our team!

Delaney McNichols

Role: Plumbing Technician

Location: Indianapolis Office

Delaney McNichols is a Plumbing Technician in our Indianapolis office. One of her favorite hobbies is playing guitar!

Brenna Morris

Role: Mechanical Engineer

Location: Kansas City Office

Brenna Morris is a Mechanical Engineer in our Kansas City office. She enjoys working on a variety of projects across industries. Brenna is also a part of the ASHRAE branch in Kansas City.

Her inspiration comes from the “other women of within R&B, specifically Jaime Abshier and Michelle Wehmeyer. They have been amazing role models and mentors for me."

Her hobbies include making her own lightsabers from scratch along with collecting them. She also enjoys playing basketball, fishing, and playing guitar. Her top bucket list goal is to take part in the television show Survivor. In one word, she describes herself as “confident”. 

Emma Parker

Role: Mechanical Engineering Intern

Location: Kansas City Office

Emma Parker is a Mechanical Engineering Intern with our Kansas City office and a student at KU! We look forward to having her grow with us this year.

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