MD Anderson Cancer Center




Houston, Texas

Ross & Baruzzini provided medical equipment planning, procurement, and installation services for the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center for inpatient and outpatient services for over 15 years. All projects have required coordination of clinical specialties for reuse, relocation, and new equipment. Ross & Baruzzini works with a range of AE teams, for planning services and direct contract with MDA for all procurement, installation, transition planning, and warehouse and move-related services.

The following highlights three major projects that include the relocation and expansion of services for three community locations around Houston. Each center is prototyped for similar equipment and services with different site adaptations. Ross & Baruzzini inventories existing MOB sites (5 buildings total) that will go to the three sites and will coordinate the new equipment going to the first site, and the leapfrogging of equipment to the next two sites, as well as the installation of new major equipment for radiation, imaging, lab, pharmacy and other equipment for supplementing the medical/surgical clinic programs. MDA is highly standardized and procurement was aggregated across the three sites for potential contracting and bidding opportunities. Replacement Outpatient Cancer Centers include:

  • Life Sciences Pavilion - Opened 2021
  • West Houston 200,000sf – Opened 2019
  • Woodlands 170,000sf – Opened 2019
  • League City 180,000sf – Opened 2018
  • West Houston Imaging Center – Opened 2013

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