Founded in 1953 by Donald Ross, an electrical engineer from MIT who also received his doctorate in industrial engineering, the firm welcomed Joseph Baruzzini as the mechanical principal in 1961. Ross & Baruzzini is an innovator in technology, consulting, and design services for diverse industries including healthcare, transportation, government, education, and more. Through a progressive design philosophy, we built a reputation for innovation that comes with the same individualized service whether at home or abroad.

Company History

Donald Ross & Associates is Founded


With a degree from MIT in electrical engineering and a doctorate in industrial engineering, Donald Ross, Sc.D., P.E., founded Donald Ross & Associates with a goal to elevate engineering service.
Joe Baruzzini Joins the Firm


Joe Baruzzini is hired as Mechanical Principal. Together, Ross and Baruzzini provided high-quality engineering to blue-chip clients that valued smart design and personal service.
Ross & Baruzzini is Incorporated


With mechanical and electrical engineering services available, Ross & Baruzzini is formed.
Electrical Innovations Enhance Reputation

Late 1960s

Dr. Ross gained national attention with several patents in energy-efficient lighting design that helped secure research grants from Battelle Labs and the Electric Power Research Institute to study the impact lighting loads have on HVAC systems.
Setting New Industry Lighting Standards


The US General Services Administration adopted new lighting standards for all federal buildings following a research project led by Ross & Baruzzini.
Acquisition of Hanlon & Assoc. Begins Journey into Aviation


Hanlon & Associates opened the door for expansion into the aviation marketplace and national market opportunities.
Offices Expand Regionally


Ross & Baruzzini opened its first office outside Missouri when it opened an office in Belleville, Illinois.
Craig Toder becomes President and CEO
Ross & Baruzzini Early and present Leadership Don Ross_Craig Toder_Joe Baruzzini


Transitioning leadership from its founders, Craig Toder is named President and CEO, providing stability and vision that has resulted in the firm’s growth and success to this day.
Transportation Expertise Expands to Rail & Transit


The company enters the rail & transit market when hired as a system engineer for MetroLink, the Greater St. Louis Metropolitan light rail system.
BOMA’s Government Building of the Year


Renovation of the Robert A. Young Federal Building in St. Louis, Missouri, is recognized as the largest (1 million SF) GSA renovation in U.S.A.
Aviation Services Expand to Baggage Handling Systems


As the systems engineer for TWA, aviation services extend into baggage handling systems.
Offices Expand Nationally


Ross & Baruzzini began to export specialized services nationally when it opened offices in Houston, Texas; Miami, Florida; Indianapolis, Indiana; and New York, New York.
Miami International Airport Partnership


Through the Miami International Airport North Terminal Development, a longstanding partnership begins.
Dar Acquires Ross & Baruzzini


In an effort to better serve their international clients, Dar acquires Ross & Baruzzini for its expertise in technology and breadth of services.
Offices Across the United States and Bordering Countries


Ross & Baruzzini expanded rapidly, opening offices across the USA (Seattle, Washington; Denver, Colorado; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Atlanta, Georgia; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Haven, Connecticut), in Canada (Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia); and Mexico (Mexico City).
LEED Gold Certified Healthcare Project


BJC Institute of Health at Washington University earns LEED Gold certification.
Major International Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Project


Arising from our transportation and technology expertise, Ross & Baruzzini is hired to work on a transformative intelligent transportation systems (ITS) project, the Makkah First Ring Road in Saudi Arabia, MOI.


Macro delivered transportation and public safety expertise in a full spectrum of services, including command, control, communications, and information management systems.
Focus Expands to International Markets


After building a growing list of international projects, the firm transitions from discipline-based to a market-based organization, providing more comprehensive services to its clients worldwide.
LEED Platinum Certified Project


Washington University Loop Student Living Initiative becomes our first LEED Platinum certified project.


DVS, a nationally recognized leader in security consulting for financial, education, commercial, and cultural institutions, enhanced the suite of security services.


Ross & Baruzzini begins work on the New Mega Airport in Dubai, UAE.


Mitchell Planning performed comprehensive medical equipment planning, procurement, and installation management services at some of the largest healthcare projects in the world.


CAGE offered professional services that focused on planning, design, procurement, and commissioning of complex automated baggage handling systems, passenger boarding bridges, ground support services, and aircraft parking design.


EDI brought technology consulting and design services, technology system design, data center-specific services, and technology program management in the healthcare, corporate, education, and commercial markets.


COMgroup expanded telecommunications consulting services to the Pacific Northwest and international markets.


Genesis Planning, specialists in medical equipment planning, brought relationships in 17 countries with global projects that span North America, South and Central Americas, Europe, the Middle East; Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.
Celebrating 68 Years in Business


From that small office in St. Louis to the many international projects today, Ross & Baruzzini has maintained personalized service while becoming the top-rated technology and engineering firm it is today.

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