COMgroup, Inc

COMgroup, Inc. joined the Ross & Baruzzini family in 2019

  Since its founding in 1985, COMgroup has helped clients of all sizes, from small to very large, find solutions to their communication needs. Many are private-sector firms that seek a variety of innovative and creative solutions. However, COMgroup also has a strong history of public sector work and became known as public sector experts through our abundance of projects.

We’ve helped our clients select systems and services from every major manufacturer and supplier however, we are not evangelists for any specific technology and believe there is no single “best practice” approach that fits all situations. Therefore, we have earned a strong reputation with the vendors as fair and always within proper procedures.

Ross & Baruzzini acquired COMgroup in 2019. J.R. Simmons, president of COMgroup, said of the acquisition, “Our partnership will expand and enhance the capabilities and expertise available to our clients, with the additional resources significantly increasing the value of the services we provide. It will also offer added growth opportunities for our employees.”

Craig Toder, chairman of Ross & Baruzzini, commented, “The COMgroup acquisition is strategic for us in two ways: it allows us to better serve our domestic and international clients who are based in the Pacific Northwest at the center of the global technology world, and it gives us the opportunity to introduce our other areas of specialization in the transportation, healthcare and government markets. We’re excited about the potential.”


  • (CRAB) Cancer Research and Biostatistics
  • Local Government Entity
(CRAB) Cancer Research and Biostatistics

“Thank you for your team’s work thus far. It’s been a pleasure working with everyone. You’ve made our jobs in IT easier and we appreciate and trust your perspective and work product.”

(CRAB) Cancer Research and Biostatistics

Local Government Entity

“I’m glad I reached out to you guys! Your experience, insight, and ideas you brought made this a very successful project. Thanks so much!”

Information Systems Manager
Local Government Entity

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