Los Angeles County Department of Mental Health



Los Angeles, California

Ross & Baruzzini | COMgroup helped the County meet its goals of improved performance, shorter hold times, and compliance with federally mandated standards. COMgroup teamed with a medical systems expert to address the complete workflow, processing, and communications challenges for the ACCESS Center, a 24x7 operation that supports the mental health needs of the community. This project included a complex contact center with our reports addressing infrastructure, data networking, base telephony, Unified Communications, IVR, Call Center, reporting tools, call recording, workforce management, computer/telephony integration, options such as reader boards, and the physical environment (workstations, lighting, sound, etc.).

COMgroup’s scope of work consisted of assisting in the creation of a design that met the LA County standards.  The solution was sourced using a state-wide contract, CALNET II.  We also project managed the implementation.  

There were multiple limitations on the project including the need to obtain approval to modify the County’s telecommunications standards in order to meet the center’s business requirements. The call center is in operation 24x7 so there was no allowance for downtime during the implementation. The supporting systems and tools were manual at the time and were in the process of being updated. 

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