Olin Library Retro-Commissioning




St. Louis, Missouri

We performed a Retro-Commissioning study of the Washington University Olin Library to identify potential measures for energy savings as well as operational and facility improvements. In 2016, this building operated with an energy cost of $410,000 or $2.13 per ft² per year, well above the campus average and similar college library facilities in the region.

As a result of the study, 10 Retro-Commissioning Measures (RCMs) were identified that will provide energy savings and improve operations at the library facility.  

The primary energy-saving measures included optimizing existing HVAC energy recovery, optimization of the HVAC system serving the lower levels, hot deck air handling unit optimization, and providing a means for the dual duct air handling units to operate in an outdoor air economizer mode.

Additional operational improvement measures included re-commissioning of all dual duct air terminal units, fixing heating and cooling issues in the first floor north conference rooms, the replacement of all CFL canister downlights with LED lamps, addressing building envelope issues on the first floor, and extending cooling and dehumidification from the rare books HVAC system.  

These measures are expected to save Washington University over $50,000 per year and simple payback of 5 years.    

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