Technology is changing how people work in and experience every industry. Our breadth of knowledge across the building, transportation, and water sectors means we can apply emerging technologies from one industry to another. Our teams will partner with yours to envision a future and design custom solutions. 

We commit to being a trusted advisor of technology, security, and building systems that create more resilient, efficient, and sustainable solutions for cities and infrastructure. 

The Future of Movement is Ready

Reimagine transportation systems integrated with nature and centered on the human experience.

  • Airports, ports, roads, rails (SCADA), structural/bridge
  • Autonomous Systems (e.g., autonomous vehicles, automatic traffic control)
  • Robotics and Intelligent Material Handling
  • Command & Control, and Operation Monitoring

Your Spaces, Personalized

Smart buildings made for your needs now and into the future.

  • Healthcare Information and Technology
  • Medical Equipment Systems
  • Smart Buildings Technology
  • Science and Technology Applications
  • Process Control System
  • Building Information Management
  • Data Services
  • Artificial Intelligence

Resilient & Thriving

Advising on the practical, proven systems and processes for your environments to be safe and secure.   

  • Communications, Wireless, and Data Networks
  • Audio-Visual Technology
  • Security and Cybersecurity
  • Data Centers
  • Geo-positioning and Tracking Systems
  • Global Information Systems

Designing Smart Infrastructure

Through the use of integrated smart sensors with real-time monitoring systems, data are collected continuously, then processed and analyzed to improve efficiency.

  • Sensors – Continuous status reading of transportation, energy, services, etc.
  • Communications – Ubiquitous, seamless connectivity among citizens and services
  • Analytics – Continuous analysis and forecast
  • Smart Infrastructure – Efficient, connected, secure and resilient
Become a Smart City

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