Smart Technology

The successful integration of automation and control systems, smart devices, and data analytics guides businesses, municipalities, and governments to make better-informed decisions about the power, water, and telecom networks that people rely on each day.

Key Aspects of a Smart City

Like a human body, a smart city requires coordinated, complementary systems to work together effectively and efficiently.

  • Smart Infrastructure
  • Smart Transportation
  • Smart Airports
  • Smart Buildings
  • Smart Security

Through the use of integrated smart sensors with real-time monitoring systems, data are collected continuously, then processed and analyzed to improve efficiency.

  • Sensors – Continuous status reading of transportation, energy, services, etc.
  • Communications – Ubiquitous, seamless connectivity among citizens and services
  • Analytics – Continuous analysis and forecast
  • Smart Infrastructure – Efficient, Connected, Secure and Resilient

Meet the Experts

Tim Kupa

Vice President, Managing Principal - Smart Building Technology

Ihab Osman

Chief Operating Officer - International Operations

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