During the Conceptual Design (CD) phase, we provide high-level (static) flow-based modeling for the TSA to determine average baggage time in the system and refine equipment and staffing requirements. 

However, detailed visual simulation modeling is required at the start of the Detailed Design phase and once the preferred Checked Baggage Inspection Systems (CBIS) are identified. The simulation is used to further evaluate the alternatives, refine equipment requirements, and evaluate CBIS performance. 

For example, using a simulation model will:

  • Assist baggage designers with programmable logic controller (PLC) specifications and requirements;
  • Refine the evaluation of system performance;
  • Visualize the final design to assist with stakeholder review and approval.

Designers use dynamic simulation modeling to design BHS systems that meet airport operating requirements. By validating the system's operational capability, designers can ensure that the system meets current and future load requirements.

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