An optimized acoustical environment will enhance any space regardless of intended use. We have extensive experience in analyzing acoustical issues. We have designed solutions and managed their implementation for major healthcare, corporate, education, and government projects constructed across the country and worldwide.

Sound is all around us, and the control of this sound can be very complex, especially in reconfigurable spaces or serving different user groups simultaneously.

To provide the appropriate acoustic environment, a space must receive a unified approach with all elements of the sound - the sound's source and the path traveled and the intended listener and their respective environment - analyzed and optimized.

Services Include:

  • Mechanical Systems Noise and Vibration Impact Review
  • Architectural Finishes Review
  • Acoustical Privacy Review
  • LEED and WELL Building Analysis and Documentation
  • Floor Construction Review and Recommendations
  • Sound Masking Systems

To meet architecturally related acoustical criteria, we work with the design team to provide appropriately designed elements such as walls, doors, windows, and finishes in spaces.

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Richard Brink, MS, CTS-D

Associate Principal

Mark McComb, EIT, CTS

Vice President, Managing Principal - Technology

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