BHS Installation Tracking System (B.I.T.S.)

The BHS. Installation Tracking System (B.I.T.S.) is geared for our field engineers, as well as our project managers. It is used primarily to track historical and current data, to help ensure timely delivery of mechanical, electrical, and control installation/punch list items, and to help ensure accurate record keeping of tasks and all assigned equipment.

B.I.T.S. is also used as an accountability tool. With features like schedule change-history logging/alerting and historical reporting, B.I.T.S. makes it easier to keep track of past due schedule dates, overdue submittals, etc. B.I.T.S. is a crucial component of project cost control management that allows real-time tracking of earned value, cost to complete, and projected cash flow.

Schedule Module

  • Rollup Costs and Installation Progress Percentage by Project, Phase and Task
  • Summarized Task Completion and Missed Dates
  • Weekly Cost Trending - Cost Complete vs. BHSC Invoices
  • Automatic Progress Updates based on Installation Progress
  • Cost Tracking Based on Installation Progress
  • Also Tracks User Defined or Non-installation Tasks

Equipment Module

  • Tracks Equipment by Subsystem
  • Database Stored Motor Manifest Information (Used For Life of Project)
  • Ability to Assign and Manage MEC Dates per Device
  • Categorized and Filtered Based Reports
  • Excel Based Data Import Module

Install Tracking

  • Tracks Progress of Percentage Complete for Mechanical, Electrical, and Controls
  • Measures Percentage Complete on Weighted Scale for Each Type of Equipment
  • Easily Updated with Tablet Mobile Devices
  • Real Time Updates Drive Scheduled Percentage Complete for Each Task

Punch List Module

  • Provides Clients with Real-Time Deficiency Findings
  • Categorizes and Prioritizes Known Deficiencies
  • Easily Entered with Mobile Tablet Devices
  • Provides Rollup Summary Reports with Drill-Down Information

Site Reports

  • Calendar Based Test & Inspection Tracking
  • Identifies Scheduled, Missed and Rescheduled Events
  • Captures Test Details Such as Time, Test Lead, and Comments
  • Scheduled Tests are Tied to Punch List Deficiencies

Test & Inspection Tracking

  • Standardized Site Report Documentation
  • Photo Library for Tracking Photos and Assigning to Site Reports
  • Photos can be Uploaded from Mobile Devices
  • Site Specific Data Such as Millwright Counts and Progress Status is Captured

RFI & Submittal Tracking

  • Tracks all RFI's and Submittals
  • Automatically alerts PM's when due
  • Summarized reports

Program Dashboard

  • Summarized Data Representing all Modules
  • Printable Format
  • Provided via a Customer Portal

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