About Us

From Doha to Dallas, our projects span the globe, which has given us a unique vantage point within the industry. Our clients select Ross & Baruzzini for their most challenging consulting and design projects because we provide a high level of multi-discipline integration and an individualized understanding of our clients' business processes. Even the largest projects require a personal touch. Our relationships are built through face-to-face communication and our progressive design philosophy and reputation for innovation comes with the same individualized service whether at home or abroad. We believe all business is personal. And that’s the way we like it.

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Firm Overview

Ross & Baruzzini provides consulting and design expertise for diverse industries. Our market groups are populated by talented professionals spanning the services offered for each of our markets. We serve a range of agency and institutional clients that own and operate their own facilities and require long-term, high-performance solutions that are cost effective, energy efficient, and easy to maintain. We design and plan the systems that enable buildings to perform, including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire protection, communications, and more. By ensuring that these systems are fully integrated with each other and with the building structure, we help people, equipment, and processes operate with maximum efficiency and value.

An important distinction in Ross & Baruzzini’s integrated approach is the emphasis we place on both design and consulting. While each practice functions independently, they work together as a cohesive unit to create exceptional client experiences. Our consultants reference the past, imagine the future, and collaborate with our clients to shape their dreams. And our designers transform those dreams into inspiring, functional spaces that bring the vision to life.


Founded in 1953 by Donald Ross, an electrical engineer from MIT who also received his doctorate in industrial engineering, the firm welcomed Joseph Baruzzini as the mechanical principal in 1961. Together, they provided high quality, non-commodity engineering to a small group of blue-chip clients that valued the smart design and personal service that they delivered. In the late 1960s, Dr. Ross gained national attention with several patents in energy-efficient lighting design that helped secure research grants from Battelle Labs and the Electric Power and Research Institute to study the impact that lighting loads have on HVAC systems. The outcome of these studies led the US General Services Administration to adopt new lighting standards for all federal buildings in the early 1970s. Energy-efficient design is still the foundation of every building and infrastructure project the firm manages. In the 1980s, Ross & Baruzzini began to export specialized services outside our home base in St. Louis, Missouri, propelling an expansion that has led to new office locations in Miami, Indianapolis, New York, Los Angeles, Hamden (CT), Philadelphia, and Columbia (IL). Today, Ross & Baruzzini is a fully integrated design and consulting firm that serves clients directly or in collaboration with other architectural, engineering, program management or design/build teams for large building and enterprise infrastructure projects that require specialized design and consulting.

Our Team

Firm Leaders

  • Craig Toder Craig Toder Chairman of the Board
  • Bill Overturf, PE, LEED AP Bill Overturf, PE, LEED AP President & Chief Operating Officer – Domestic Operations
  • Ihab Osman Ihab Osman Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer - International Operations, Chief Technology Officer

Market Leaders

  • Michael Shea, AIA Michael Shea, AIA Senior Vice President, Director of Government
  • Jeff Crawford, PE, LEED AP Jeff Crawford, PE, LEED AP Senior Vice President, Director of Higher Education & Research
  • Karl Miller, PE, LEED AP Karl Miller, PE, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Healthcare
  • Matt Moore, PE Matt Moore, PE Vice President, Director of International Markets
  • Mike Zoia, CPP, RCDD, PSP Mike Zoia, CPP, RCDD, PSP Vice President, Director of Aviation - North America
  • John Muscatell, PE, PTOE John Muscatell, PE, PTOE Vice President, Director of Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Jim Heisserer, PE, LEED AP Jim Heisserer, PE, LEED AP Vice President, Director of Utilities Infrastructure
  • Phil Santore Phil Santore Vice President, Managing Principal, DVS, a Division of Ross & Baruzzini
  • Scott Vinson Scott Vinson Senior Vice President, Managing Principal, Mitchell Planning, a Division of Ross & Baruzzini
  • Megan Huff, PfMP Megan Huff, PfMP Vice President & Managing Principal, Macro, a division of Ross & Baruzzini
  • Jeff Plant Jeff Plant Vice President, Managing Principal, CAGE, a division of Ross & Baruzzini
  • Mark McComb, EIT, CTS Mark McComb, EIT, CTS Vice President, Managing Principal, EDI, a Division of Ross & Baruzzini