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At Ross & Baruzzini our clients drive our business. We’ve built our organization around professionals that understand this…that all business is personal, and that’s the way we like it.

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Global Meets Personal

From Doha to Dallas, our projects span the globe, which has given us a unique vantage point within the industry. Our clients select Ross & Baruzzini for their most challenging consulting and design projects because we provide a high level of multi-discipline integration and an individualized understanding of our client’s business processes. Even the largest projects require a personal touch. Our progressive design philosophy and reputation for innovation comes with the same individualized service whether at home or abroad. Come discover our unique culture and our differentiated approach to serving clients.

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Why Choose Ross & Baruzzini?

Ross & Baruzzini delivers successful consulting and design projects throughout the world. Our people are as comfortable working in the far reaches of emerging nations as they are in the backyards of their own neighborhoods. No client is too distant, no project too challenging, no culture too exotic. While our global reach has equipped us with unique perspective, we also recognize that even the largest projects require a personal touch. Our clients choose Ross & Baruzzini for their most challenging projects because they want to invest in a partner committed to making their project a success regardless of its size, location, time zone, or complexity. We believe in building relationships through face-to-face communication and individualized service. We believe all business is personal. And we like it that way.
An important distinction in Ross & Baruzzini’s integrated approach is the emphasis we place on both design and consulting. While each practice functions independently, they work together as a cohesive unit to create exceptional client experiences. Our consultants reference the past, imagine the future, and collaborate with our clients to shape their dreams. And our designers transform those dreams into inspiring, functional spaces that bring the vision to life.
Our roots are in the world of the complex. We are skilled professionals who understand the unique nuances of the diverse markets we serve. Though we think outside the box, we are steeped in the reality of what is constructable and affordable in the real world. Drawing on our deep expertise and diverse experience, we develop innovative solutions that work.
Central to the value of working with Ross & Baruzzini is the “Power of &,” an ideology that compels us to follow our passion while being responsible to our clients, our natural environment, and ourselves. The “Power of &” presents endless possibilities and opportunities, empowering us to achieve results that exceed all of our imaginations. As a firm, we are equally passionate about getting the fundamentals consistently right. Our teams work hand in hand with clients so that the systems we plan and design are fully integrated, ensuring that people, equipment, and processes operate with maximum efficiency and purpose. And each project we undertake provides lessons learned that are shared throughout our organization and applied to future projects. Ross & Baruzzini is a firm that delivers both the expected & the exceptional. We call this the “Power of &,” and we think it’s pretty special.

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