Santa Clara County VTA, Real-Time Transit Passenger Information

San Jose, California

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Through Macro, a division of Ross & Baruzzini, we assisted with the implementation of the Real Time Transit Passenger Information (RTI) system project.  This project included the upgrade of the existing ACS™ TMS CAD/AVL system as well as the addition of light rail vehicles, web vehicle location information, and advanced traveler information signs. We provided project management and technical assistance in all areas of the RTI project.  Macro assisted in the factory testing, system cutover, and field testing of the new system.  Most recently, we are serving the VTA as their PM and technical representative to extend VTA’s bus service status information to the MTC website, and deploying bus arrival signs at selected stops.  In previous years as prime consultant, we assisted VTA with the planning, design, procurement, and deployment of their legacy CAD/AVL system, new control center, and radio system.

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