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In 2006, an Energy Master Plan & Audit was developed for the Saint Louis Zoo. This plan provided the initial framework and overall strategy for long-term energy management at the Zoo. This study looked at the campus as a whole and identified opportunities for 32 of the 65 facilities, which represents about 85% of the total building area of the campus, or roughly 410,000 sf.

Since that time, the Zoo implemented many of the recommendations identified in the original study and sought to assess the current energy performance of the campus and update the scope and depth of the Campus Energy Master plan. In 2012, Ross & Baruzzini was hired to champion this effort.

The scope of the Energy Master Plan work included the following primary efforts:

  • Update the campus energy use and carbon footprint portfolio for the campus.
  • Review and analyze building by building utility information and develop energy use profiles. This information was used to identify the largest energy consumers on the campus and allow the Zoo to strategically target the areas with the most energy savings potential moving forward.
  • Qualify performance of energy reduction measures that have been implemented to date.
  • Review and update existing campus energy conservation strategies and identify new opportunities based on current operations, with consideration given to the overall campus master plan.
  • Review and update available funding opportunities and options for utility purchasing, including such items as green power.
  • Expand previous scope of energy master plan to include water and sewer conservation strategies, where applicable on campus.
  • In partnership with the Zoo staff and personnel, develop a campus-wide “Energy Report Card” outlining the Zoo’s current status and outlook (5 to 10 years) on energy use and carbon emissions.

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