RF-Based, Voice & Data Communication System Replacement

State of Maine

  • Public Safety & Communications
  • Public Safety & Communications
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The State of Maine’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) provides for the state police services including building security, corrections, and emergency medical services. While the state’s Office of Information Technology is serving as the project office, the DPS is the principal user entity for a new, statewide, VHF P25 digital conventional radio system to serve the voice and data communications needs across various state agencies. The objectives of this project were essentially as follows: Formulation of a cost-effective communications systems design based upon stringent system availability, survivability, and performance standards to service a secure, reliable public safety mission; Development of a statewide voice/data communication system design that promoted sharing of agency assets and resources, thereby substantially improving interagency communications and coordination opportunities and capabilities between DPS and Maine’s Transportation, Conservation, Inland Fisheries/Wildlife, and other Departments.

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