PHL Active Shooter Response and Recovery Plan

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • Aviation
  • Emergency Preparedness Planning
  • Operational Readiness
  • Resiliency Consulting
  • Americas

Ross & Baruzzini provided specialized emergency preparedness consulting services on behalf of the Philadelphia International Airport to develop an Active Shooter Response and Recovery Plan.  The planning process involved facilitated workshops with a broad audience of airport stakeholders including airport executive leadership, airport operations, law enforcement, emergency management, fire, airlines, and concessionaires to identify available resources, existing procedures, and issues of concern among all stakeholders. Workshop topics included airport operations and emegency proceedures, evacuation planning, airport closure proceedures, and EOC activation. Based on workshops and research, Ross & Baruzzini developed draft and final versions of the Active Shooter Response and Recovery Plan including a phased approach to support recovery of airport assets; procedures of communication with passengers and employees during recovery operations; and ICS and EOC structures, roles, and responsibilities.

Photo credit: Philadelphia International Airport

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