AMTRAK Replacement of Northeast Corridor Control Centers and Systems

Washington D.C. to Boston, Massachusetts

  • Rail & Transit
  • Centralized Traffic Control (CTC) Systems for Rail Operations
  • Control Centers for Public Transit
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Rail Transit Control Center Systems
  • Americas

Amtrak’s Northeast Corridor extends from Washington, DC, to Boston, MA and serves more than 100 million passengers per year. It is the most heavily used passenger rail corridor in the United States. In an effort to modernize the facilities and systems that monitor and control train and traction power operations for their current facilities across the east coast, Amtrak engaged Macro, a division of Ross & Baruzzini, to conduct a comprehensive study of both the systems and control center facilities and recommend ways to improve operations, enhance security, and reduce maintenance costs. Macro conducted extensive interviews, performed a vulnerability assessment for cyber assets and evaluated alternative control center sites. Macro then prepared technical designs for a new train control system and is currently engaged providing technical support for the construction of the new system.

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