Water Cannon Testing at Missouri State University’s New Field Hockey Stadium



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December 14, 2021

This post was originally published on August 6, 2014 and updated on Dec 14, 2021.

Our fire protection team provided Missouri State University with their first automatic, large-scale, synthetic turf irrigation system, designed for the field hockey turf at the new Betty & Bobby Allison North Stadium.

Betty and Bobby Allison North Stadium
Photography courtesy of Missouri State University

The Missouri State University water cannon system was designed to provide the new field hockey turf with adequate coverage for safer field conditions and quicker gameplay. The water cannon system is timed for a set duration that can be actuated with remote control activation. The six main sprinklers can launch water over half the distance of the field for complete field coverage. The field is equipped with six Underhill M-160 sprinklers in which two sprinklers are activated at a time on either side of the field.

There are several safety features included to prevent a bystander from being washed away in the several-hundred gallons-per-minute streams of water powered by the activated sprinklers.  An alarm triggers to clear the field prior to discharge of the M-160 sprinklers and smaller sprinklers as a warning to persuade anyone standing too close to the cannon to evacuate.

The design allows the Missouri State University field hockey team to treat their field before a game, during half-time, or prior to practice to ensure consistent playability.

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