Any organization has critical and sensitive business processes, IT systems, applications, and data. Cybersecurity focuses on protecting these key components through layered security and defense in depth.

Our cybersecurity group can help reduce the potential risks to your facility and help ensure continued and uninterrupted service. The following areas are routinely reviewed to identify gaps in an organization’s cybersecurity controls and are a central component in the detection and intervention of cyber threats.

  • Staff awareness of potential threats including former/disgruntled employees or corporate espionage
  • Policies and procedures to verify, manage, and respond quickly to potential threats
  • Virtual machines/servers to determine if they are hardened
  • Secure SCADA/ICS and any special systems or applications
  • Operating systems to ensure they are up to date and that any security flaws are patched
  • Physical security as a core component of overall facility security

Infrastructure services such as freshwater supplies, waste-water management, electrical power, and natural gas delivery are essential to support our daily lives. These services are also highly susceptible to cyberattacks.

Meet the Experts

Chris Tallerico

Principal - Managed Services & Cybersecurity

Anca Pop-Charles

Principal in Charge - Cybersecurity Consultant

Brian Coulombe, PE

Director, Principal - Security

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