University of New Mexico Hospital




Albuquerque, New Mexico

In 2016, the University of New Mexico Hospital planned to design and develop a new 850,000 SF, 400+ bed Adult Acute Care Teaching Hospital (ACTH) with an adjacent 290,000 SF Medical Office Building (MOB). The new facility would be a stand-alone facility located on a pre-selected parcel of UNMH land. The ACTH and MOB would be multi-story buildings, most likely high-rise. The new facility would include all functions of the current adult hospital and elements of the current ambulatory care center. Preliminary estimates indicate that the in-patient area would be approximately 395,000 SFand the diagnostic and treatment center would be approximately 270,000 SF. Ross & Baruzzini | EDI worked with UNMH and the design team to define UNMH technology committee members and user group participants, we helped define the technology goals of the project, facilitated technology workshops, and defined the information UNMH should provide in advance of the technology workshops and program.

During the scheduled workshops, we defined and documented the technology requirements and goals for the Project through discovery meetings with systems responsible personnel. As a team, we decided on the technologies that fulfilled the project expectations. We created a written narrative or “Technology Master Plan” for the technology systems. The master plan document outlined the guiding principles for each system’s technical requirements and the pricing assumptions contained in the Opinion of Probable Technology Cost which was also created by Ross & Baruzzini | EDI.

Finally, we also worked with the Project Team to assess all technology systems and provide additional design information needed for the master plan document including such items as technology space planning and space relationships, technology system conveyance needs, site and MEP coordination issues, technology system electric, UPS, and generator needs, room finish requirements, etc.

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