Toyota Engineering & Manufacturing, Bodine Aluminum Arc Flash/Power System Study



Troy, Missouri

We provided an electrical system study consisting of a short circuit, coordination, and arc flash analysis. This study was performed in multiple phases and covers the incoming power distribution system supplied by the utility and includes the major distribution equipment.

The analysis started at the 13.8kV service entrance point down to and included the largest 480/277-volt overcurrent device of each feeder that is supplied by each of the four-unit substations. It continued to include a fifth-unit substation and the entire distribution system and plans for ongoing expansion. The study also included the emergency generator and its electrical system.

The arc flash analysis was started using the IEEE 1584 equations that are presented in NFPA 70 E- 2015 and continued under NFPA 70E-2018. The incident energy analysis method has been utilized.

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