Missouri American Water, DNR Energy Loan Application & Greensbottom Study




St. Louis, Missouri

This project started with the development of a loan application to the Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) under the Energize Missouri Energy Loan program. Funding was subsequently utilized to implement the Greensbottom Grant Study (which Ross & Baruzzini performed).

The scope of this project investigated pump applications for pressure reduction and electrical energy recovery. This project focused around an existing domestic water booster pump station known as the Greensbottom Booster Pump Station. More specifically, the use of centrifugal type pumps operating as turbines, otherwise known as PATs, were investigated for this facility. 

Missouri American Water Company presently owns and operates the Greensbottom Booster Pump Station located in St. Charles County, near the Missouri River. This 15-year-old facility was originally designed to boost water pressure supplied to St. Charles County from distribution systems owned by the City of St. Louis. More recently, the water supplied to Greensbottom now comes from other MAWC facilities located in St. Louis County. The MAWC system pressure in St. Louis County is higher than that of the City of St. Louis. Therefore, this station is now required to reduce the pressure to St. Charles County through the use of pressure reducing valves (PRVs.) Energy that is used to boost the pressure for St. Louis County is now wasted through the pressure reducing application.  The use of a pump as a turbine (PAT) was considered as a potential strategy to provide pressure reduction.

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