Independence National Historic Park



Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

At the request of the senior Park Ranger for the National Park Service, Washington office, Ross & Baruzzini | DVS provided qualification and experiences and was consequently selected from a national list of security consultation and engineering firms to provide a proposal and consequently perform the services required for the development of a comprehensive threat and risk assessment and recommendations report to the NPS and the Park Superintendent and Chief Ranger at Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, PA. In partnership with the NPS Park Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent and Ranger staff, and utilizing information provided by the Park, a comprehensive report was developed identifying interim protective measures implemented post-September 11, 2001 and desired long term protective measures appropriate to ensure the opportunity for all future generations to participate in the experience of reading and viewing the original Founding Documents of the United States of America (the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the United States), and walking through the buildings in which the forefathers of America conceived the blueprints of democracy, penned those documents, and insured their ratification, and subsequently governed America. 

Also, entrusted to Ross & Baruzzini | DVS was the development of protection for the Liberty Bell, Congress Hall, and Old City Hall, which served as the seat of US government and the US Supreme Court at the beginning of the United States independence as a self-governing nation. The report included various options for security enhancement, presented in a hierarchal fashion to allow NPS the opportunity to evaluate increased levels of security and mitigation of risk relative to cost expenditures and effects on the visitor experience.  Protection program elements included security screening for explosives, weapons, and other contraband, pedestrian and vehicular control, site and landscaping crime prevention through environmental design criteria, electronic security and surveillance systems as well as ranger and law enforcement deployment.

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