Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi




Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi (CCAD), is one of the largest healthcare projects in the world. The facility offers Abu Dhabi and the Middle Eastern region the most advanced medical services for both local and international patients in a world-class environment. The clinic functions as an extension of the Cleveland Clinic Foundation (CCF) in Cleveland, Ohio. The facility is a 360-bed (scalable to 490), multi-specialty facility. Specific clinical components include:

• 24 OR’s
• 66 PACU & 48 Pre-Op
• 12 Interventional Hybrid Rooms
• Provision for 1 MRI/OR Catheterization & EP Labs 6 Suites

• 3 MRI; 4 CT Scans
• 5 Gen Rad & Fluoro
• 3 Ultrasound
• 1 Invasive Diagnostics with 18 Exam Rooms

• 28 Treatment Rooms
• 4 Trauma

Multi-specialty Clinic
• More than 30 medical and surgical specialties
• (174) Exam Rooms

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