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APTA High-Speed Rail Conference 2022

March 8, 2022

The APTA 2022 High-Speed Rail Conference dives into the future of high-speed rail, transit connectivity, and community development. Connect with our attending experts:

→ Megan Huff, PfMP: Vice President & Managing Principal
→ Edward Malloy, PMP: Senior Principal Consultant
→ Maroun Ghanem, MBA, PMP, PSM I: Business Development Director

This conference will help drive sustainable and resilient intercity passenger rail networks across the U.S.

Please visit the American Public Transporation Association (APTA) website to register for this conference.

Why Attend APTA 2022 High-Speed Rail Conference?

The future brings significant opportunities to unleash the economic power of our megaregions and enable equitable access to transportation. Those national benefits can be achieved by building a robust high-speed and intercity passenger rail network that is environmentally friendly, resilient, and sustainable.

The High-Speed Rail Conference will bring together a wide range of stakeholders and advocates to cover the full range of questions that need to be addressed in making that vision a reality.

Start Planning for the Future and Connect with Our Mobility Experts

High-performance rail will require detailed planning and long-term strategy. If you're attending, contact us here to set up your one-on-one during this event so we can talk about your next project.

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