Day in the Life: Emma Parker | Electrical Intern




  • Engineering Leadership


Day in the Life Internship Series

July 18, 2022

I have been working with Ross & Baruzzini as an intern since February of 2021. In that time, I have learned a lot about how a project comes together between architects, engineers, and contractors. I have spent this summer working on design-build proposals.

As part of the electrical team, I have pulled together light fixture cutsheets, read through the Request for Proposal, and determined which fixtures need to be used where in the preliminary building drawings. In other projects, I have worked on light level calculations, generator sizing calculations, and laying out equipment in Revit. The experience has shown me not only what electrical engineers do but also how they work with others.

The time I spent working here has given me skills and experience that are useful even outside of my work. I am very involved in Engineers Without Borders, specifically in planning international trips. My job at Ross & Baruzzini has given me a better understanding of our international project design process. I have been able to improve our group’s organization and project documentation. Overall, my time at Ross & Baruzzini has trained me to be a successful engineer after graduation.

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