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June 22, 2020

At Ross & Baruzzini, we know that public agencies, who are delivering essential services, have been hit hard during this unprecedented time of COVID-19 along with the political and social unrest we are all experiencing. 

We wanted to find a way to recognize their contributions and give back to the critical industries that we serve. 

For those of you who don’t know us, we are a System Engineering Division that for over 50 years, has specialized in Operational Technology & Communications, including control room design. Our team is comprised of experts, most of whom come directly from the agencies themselves. 

We decided that what we could do was, what we do best, offer guidance on ways to use operational technology in and around control rooms allowing our partners to continue delivering their services safely and with maximum effectiveness. 

We brought together experts from across Ross & Baruzzini, including security, utilities, facility design, MEP engineers and held brainstorming sessions on what the impact to running operations from a confined space would be.

We have created a Continuity of Command and Control Idea Sheet, which is available here: Download Idea Sheet Continuity of Command and Control Idea Checklist

This idea sheet outlines 3 steps for agencies to consider when it comes to their control rooms. We know you have all been working through these same questions and we wanted to provide a guide that could help.

Step one: no cost items that can be immediately worked on and implemented.

Step two: lower cost, short term items to keep the employees safe.

Step three: longer term items to be considered as we work our way through this pandemic.

It is yours to use.

Along with this idea sheet, we are producing a series of short videos that will provide thoughtful considerations and actionable information from our experts. As we publish these videos they will be easily accessible through this Blog post and the Ross & Baruzzini YouTube channel.

Ross & Baruzzini Experts:

  • Ed Molloy, with over 40 years’ experience, has helped numerous agencies across the US & Canada implement their train control systems and OCC facilities, will be talking to you about options for maintaining continuity of operations and how systems could be impacted.

    Watch the video
  • Ivan Pagacik, who brings 35 years of expertise in systems communications across various markets, will be speaking about communications into control centers and the future of information.

    Watch the video
  • Alesia Cain, who has 18 years of both information and operational technology experience in public transportation and is the former Chief Information Officer and Chief Technology Officer at Hampton Roads Transit, will be discussing how medium and smaller agencies might have different considerations.

    Watch the video
  • Paul Mallon, with 39 years’ experience with transit and utility control centers and systems, will be discussing possible ways to reduce COVID-19 exposure risks within control centers.

    Watch the video

Additionally, we will be including voices from outside our organization. These are consultants and vendors who also want to give back and add value to you.

Industry Experts:

  • Jennifer Golech, from Swiftly, a real time data app maker, to talk about how data can impact changes in service planning.

    Watch the video
  • John Stark, from Activu, software solution that combines any critical visual information into a shareable operating picture for control rooms & collaborative teams.

    Watch the video
  • Joe Yesbeck, from T.Y. Lin, discussing the advances in pedestrian modeling in stations and how that could help in this time.

    Video Coming Soon

Again, these will be concise, tangible ideas to help you as you move forward through these times.

We will continue updating this blog listing as more videos are published. To stay connected Subscribe to our YouTube channel and Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Please reach out at any time to Megan Huff, Vice President and Managing Principal for Ross & Baruzzini Mobility. You don’t need a contract vehicle to contact us and ask questions. We are happy to help the best we can, and if we don’t have the answers, we will use our network to point you in the right direction. Megan Huff

Thank you for all that you do, we are in this together.

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