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Airport Recovery

May 15, 2020

Airport Recovery Services & Innovation

Air travel changed dramatically and continues to evolve. As one of the most respected professional services providers in the world, Ross & Baruzzini is dedicated to supporting our clients in meeting their COVID-19 requirements during these unprecedented times. Regardless of the technology, security, communications, emergency preparedness or business continuity challenges your organization faces, Ross & Baruzzini is here to help airports implement efficient policies, procedures, and technologies that address new needs in health screening among other areas impacted by COVID-19. 

Our Team of Experts

VP, Director of Aviation
Michael Zoia 
Airport Innovation
Chris Runde 
Resiliency Consulting
Michael J. Steinle 
Security Consultant
Ann Barry 
Principal Consultant
Mark Crosby 
Mobility Systems
Megan Huff 

Security Systems Expert
David McGhee

Cyber Security Consultant
Anca Pop-Charles


Airport Recovery Services

  • Health Screening Protocols
  • Touchless Technology Planning 
  • Social Distancing Analysis
  • Contact Tracing Procedures
  • Business Continuity Strategies
  • Cybersecurity Assessment

Ross & Baruzzini’s experience in the aviation market spans more than 35 years, leading technology consulting and engineering efforts for more than 250 airports across the globe. We bring a reputation for innovation and a personal approach, delivering forward-thinking solutions to meet the creative vision of our clients while providing an unmatched passenger experience.

Click here to learn more about how we are helping our airport partners recover from the COVID19 pandemic.