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  • Energy and Cost Saving Strategies for Operating Rooms
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    Energy and Cost Saving Strategies for Operating Rooms

    ORs are incredibly profitable when they are active, but healthcare facilities lose money when they are unused. Operating costs for ORs are susceptible to a variety of factors that affect profit such as disposable medical supplies, drug prescription waste, schedule delays, etc. But one money-saving factor is often overlooked: HVAC systems setbacks.
  • Delivering High-Performing Student Housing Facilities
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    Delivering High-Performing Student Housing Facilities

    It’s been two years since the Lofts of Washington University opened on the Delmar Loop in St. Louis. The bustling 213,000 square foot mixed-use student housing development was designed to house more than 450 students, provide 220 underground residential parking spaces, and include 22,000 square feet of retail space. The four-building complex also provided a positive environmental impact by adding to the neighborhood green space and educating the community about sustainability in the process.
  • Energy Auditing 101
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    Energy Auditing 101

    We have a long history of energy-conscious engineering, consulting and design here at Ross & Baruzzini. A testament to that is our internal “Sustainability Team” – a multi-disciplinary committee that furthers internal green practices, spearheaded our St. Louis office’s solar array installation, and encourages sustainability and energy-related thought leadership within the company.